How Do You Engage with Willfully Ignorant Privileged People?

The men writing for and commenting on Men’s Rights Activists sites like The Spearhead  believe that something called the Feminarchy has been subjugating men for years, and that men must band together fight back against their oppression at the hands of the matriarchy:

What sets our movement apart is that many men, because of the real injustices so many of us have faced first-hand, have come to a common awareness that there are serious political, legal and cultural problems that plague men in our society.

The commetariat trends vitriolic:

I love to watch the young girls get there and want to climb the ladder in 2 yrs. After they have been there 5 yrs they kinda start to figure out that the caaarrrreeeer is a J O B. Then comes the babies if they are attractive enough and then come the entitlements, work from home 3 to 4 days a week and then around 10 yrs they look like a pile of hammerred dog shit.

When I stumbled upon the site, my instinct was to dive headfirst into the comment thread and start punching the misogynists with my stabby word fists. But to what avail? The men who frequent the site would categorize me as Dumb Bitch or Hysterical Feminazi, insult me, congratulate themselves, and continue to prance through life oblivious to their privilege.

A smarter approach was taken by writers at the gaming websites Kotaku and Destructoid this week when a thread entitled “WTF is with empowered women in videogames now?” popped up on the forum “Men Going Their Own Way.” As Luke Plunkett of Kotaku puts it,  “Men Going Their Own Way” is “a place where disgruntled, repressed men can go and bitch about women.” Jim Sterling of Destructoid describes the “WTF is with empowered women in videogames now?” thread as “the Holy Grail of privileged, entitled, manbaby gamers.”

How did Plunkett and Sterling engage with these willfully ignorant privileged people? By pulling quotations from the original post and the ensuing thread, letting the dumbasses speak for themselves:

15 years ago, when video games were simple 2D arrangements of polygons, women wanted nothing to do with them. Like everything else, women wait until men build the foundation and then they usurp it.

I’ve noticed this too, and it drives me insane. Was co-oping Gears 3 last month and there’s a point where 2nd player has to take over a female character. Almost ruined the game for me. It may seem minor, but once you’re aware of this type of brainwashing it’s impossible to ignore.

How do you engage with willfully ignorant privileged people?

Maybe the trick is, you don’t.

Instead, you share the hilarity of their willful ignorance with the world, and in doing so, inspire others not to be so damn willfully ignorant.

Instead of wasting time trying to reason with writers at The Spearhead, I’m going to take a page from Plunkett and Sterling and simply share with you, dear readers, excerpts of the manly About section of this brave website, bravely take a manly stand against the Feminarchy’s systematic subjugation of brave and manly American men:

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious that American men – particularly those of the post-boomer generations – have fallen into a cultural gap. Our voice is barely a whisper in the traditional media, we are consistently portrayed as worthless buffoons and advertisers ignore us.

But underneath the gossip shows on TV, the newspaper articles written by elderly columnists and the parade of empty-headed starlets there is a rising murmur of dissent — a growing dissatisfaction with the shabby state of affairs. There is a palpable feeling that our legitimate grievances have been ignored even as more and more indignities are heaped on our heads.

Rather than engaging in status displays of conspicuous righteousness, we are raising our voices in defense of ourselves, our families and our fellow men, which is a far more ennobling thing to do than raiding weasel farms or getting involved in intertribal disputes halfway around the world.

Enjoy our magazine!

7 thoughts on “How Do You Engage with Willfully Ignorant Privileged People?

  1. How do you engage with willfully ignorant privileged people? That is easy, you IGNORE them! But instead, you and your mangina buddies send more traffic to MGTOW Forums! There is no such thing as bad publicity, so thanks for the free advertising! Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Hmm, how do you KNOW that the writers of the articles you’re objecting to are actually aware of the facts as you see them – actual ignorance is the natural starting point for us all and it’s easy to think that we all gain a greater awareness of life at the same rate but it’s not true. You can assume that the writers have enough facts to be informed but that doesn’t make it so.

    The simple fact is that NO-ONE is completely aware of all the facts in ANY situation, we’re all constantly learning new things (even if they might be largely irrelevant). The irony is that if a person DID have all the facts, they probably wouldn’t want to be willfully ignorant – like a child acting out; they may not be angry at the thing they’re expressing anger at, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t angry.

    Consider this: you don’t, and can’t, ever fully know the troubles other people face. But avoiding willful ignorance requires consideration of others’ perspectives, including you seeking understanding and consideration of others, even when their opinions don’t gel with yours.

    I can say from personal experience that dealing with the willfully ignorant can be frustrating but I don’t know anyone who has NEVER warped the facts, including myself. But I eventually faced up to reality. Of course, the trouble is that willfully ignorant people don’t usually see any problems with their attitudes/ beliefs so it becomes hard for them to grow… the knock on of this is that it’s easy for any of us (me, you, friends, family…) to perpetuate the cycle without knowing it.

  3. Privileged people? Yes I guess I do have some privilege. I have the privilege of not marrying a women. I have the privilege of not dating a women. I have the privilege of having as little to do with women as I can manage in my life. This is a privilege I intend to fully exploit in order to protect myself from the predacious hypoagency of womenkind. You may think of me that I am unbalanced and that is fine. I will sleep well at night regardless of what you think of me. I am simply a man going his own way. I want nothing to do with you and all I ask of you is that you extend to me the same courtesy I have granted you, namely to be ignored.

      • Please disregard my comment. I had this article up and one that was critical of MGTOW in another tab. I was responding to that article but carelessly and accidentally posted on yours. My apologies, my post must seem completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

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