Mad Men Flashback Fuck?

The internet is abuzz with the possibility that there may or may not be a Season 5 hook up between Don (Mad Men‘s protagonist) and Joan (that chick with big boobs).

Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch reports:

Asked why Don has never made a pass at Joan, [Jon] Hamm replied, “Who says he hasn’t?” Then he hinted that Mad Men’s fifth season might explore the relationship between the two. “They have worked together for a long time,” he said. “They know one another very well, and I’ll leave it at that.”

It makes sense that people are excited about the idea of a Don/Joan hook up. Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks are considered to be Mad Men‘s most conventionally attractive actor and actress, so naturally many Mad Men viewers want to watch the two of them get freaky.

But here’s the difference between between what web surfers wonder about Jon Hamm:

and what they wonder about Christina Hendricks:

Remember all the icky sexism women faced back in the sixties? Aren’t you glad that’s over? It’s 2012. Obviously men and women are like, totally equal now.

Oh wait…

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