The Hunger Games:
The Girl Who Was
Not On Magazines

The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth grace the March covers of Nylon Guys and Details, but Jennifer Lawrence is conspicuously absent from the Land of Lady Mags. Did movie marketers do something…right?

When Lawrence was cast as Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games book fans wondered how a woman famous for her role as Mystique (and the sexification it necessitated) could possibly portray our beloved, scrappy Katniss.

In the books, Katniss resents being dolled up for the cameras and despises the thought of being depicted as “a silly girl spinning in a sparkling dress. Giggling.” Is it possible that the movie’s marketers realized that sexing up Lawrence on the cover of Cosmo would fly in the face of her character’s disgust at being blatantly objectified?

The only mainstream mag on which Lawrence has been featured recently is Vanity Fair’s Fresh Young White Thin Pretty Stars of 2012 issue:

It would be impossible to make a big budget Hollywood blockbuster film adaptation of The Hunger Games without committing most of the sins of the Capitol. But is Lionsgate actually striving to do right by Katniss by keeping Lawrence off the lady fashion/lifestyle mags?

Edited to add: No, apparently, they are not.

7 thoughts on “The Hunger Games:
The Girl Who Was
Not On Magazines

  1. I haven’t read the book yet. When you are promoting a film all key actors should received the same treatment. You are promoting your craft/performance in the film and the fans want to get to know you and your thoughts in developing the character. She should be part of the promotion to hear her voice.

  2. Solution. doll her up and have her in “dissatisfied” posture.
    Lionsgate probably just didn’t think it through properly.

    I mean Gale wasn’t very into the glamour, but look at him in that photo.

    • On the contrary, I think Lionsgate did think it through properly, and decided that using Jennifer Lawrence’s body to sell the movie and the magazines would be a little too obviously Capitol.

      “Dissatisfied” is pretty much the standard look for models in women’s fashion mags, so a picture of Lawrence scowling wouldn’t really be perceived as subversive.

      And no, Gale wasn’t very into the glamour, and yes, he’s now sporting sexy surf scruff in Details. We should absolutely be asking each other how we feel about the sexification of Gale and Peeta. (How do you feel about the sexification of Gale and Peeta?)

      But in the book, it is Katniss who almost wakes up to the horror of an unsolicited boob job:

      “I immediately notice the padding over my breasts, adding curves that hunger has stolen from my body. My hands go to my chest and I frown. “I know,” says Cinna before I can object. “But the Gamemakers wanted to alter you surgically. Haymitch had a huge fight with them over it. This was the compromise.”

      Photoshopped coverboobs. Also a compromise.

  3. i love the hunger games series and the upcoming movie worries me more than it excites me. i didn’t realize when i first saw the hunger games preview who jennifer lawrence is, but now having seen all these beautiful photoshopped modely pictures of her i wonder if it will be difficult for me to watch her depict katniss who seems to be the complete opposite of jennifer lawrence and hates being filmed. come to think of it, katniss despises what jennifer lawrence does for a living: being photographed and filmed.

    • THIS. You hit the nail on the head: “katniss despises what jennifer lawrence does for a living.” Thus the crux of any Hollywood film adaptation: how do you sell an actress playing a girl who resents having to be an actress?

  4. Simple – take two photos, one of Katniss and one of Jennifer and put them side by side on the cover. Then create a dialogue interview between the two of them so the world can see the type of reaction and relationship these two women would have with each other.

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