Bitch, I Love You

The new issue of Bitch The Frontier Issue — features several must-reads, including but not limited to:

“Access & Praxis—Disability at the digital frontier” by Anna Hamilton and s. e. smith:

Far from being a silent minority online, disability communities have taken to the medium with vigor, taking advantage of the many benefits the Internet offers in terms of communication and access.

and “Missed Connections—What search engines say about women” by Safiya Umoja Noble:

These search engine results for women whose identities are already maligned in the media only further debase and erode efforts for social, political, and economic recognition of justice

*          *          *

I believe in the internet. It democratizes the tools of production and distribution, giving us unprecedented access to spaces of shared experience and identity. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, web culture still exists within a larger culture of systemic marginalization. That’s how America’s #1 Asshole was able to cultivate a readership and transform his crappy blog into a New York Times Bestselling Piece of Shit.

I also believe in print media, and if you are fortunate enough to encounter Bitch in print, I encourage you to pick up a copy. I first encountered the magazine at a newsstand on a sunny spring day in 2008. (Happy Anniversary, Bitch!) Incidentally, it was The Wired Issue.

Unlike some ladymagsBitch is a periodical I want to display on my coffee table. If Vagina Dentwata were one of those newfangled lifestyle blogs, copies of Bitch would dominate my charmingly-quirky-yet-ever-so-marketable presentation of domesticity:

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Thank you, awesome sister, for taking awesome photographs <3

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