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Mad Men’s “Lady Lazarus”: the good, the bad, the weird. (SPOILERS ABOUND)

The Good:

I loved the shouting match between Peggy and Don. It felt so…egalitarian. They’re both upset that Megan is leaving, they’re both wrong about why she quit, and so they both yell at each other over Cool Whip. Shut up, Don! They’ve come a long way.

The Bad:

"I like the pictures of the earth. I find them to be majestic."

All this sad Pete is sad stuff is boring and bothersome. This screen time could be going to Dawn. Remember her?

Mad Men finally introduced a black woman who is not a White Male Protagonist’s Girlfriend, a black woman with so much potential to be a fascinating character — and in “Lady Lazarus,” we don’t even get to see her face.

Instead, we see this

and this

and this

“Why do they get to decide what’s going to happen?” Yes, Pete, the problem is that women in 1966 have too much power. You poor, oppressed, rich, white man.

You know how everyone’s speculating that Pete will kill himself? I really hope he doesn’t. We’ll have to spend more precious Mad Men screen time being asked to feel sorry for him. Barf.

The Weird:

Don’s encounter with the empty elevator shaft: whoa.

Sometimes Mad Men is a bit heavy-handed with its symbolism (the WHITE CARPET gets DIRTY, it’s SO MEANINGFUL), but Don staring down the eerie elevator void is so surreal, I can’t help but like it.

Have you wondered about Dawn? Can you stand Pete? Will you henceforth approach elevators with extreme caution?

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