Well, Hello There

halloween-pumpkinsHello Readers,

I am happy to report that I am returning to my writing! You can stay tuned on Twitter by following @MychaelElaine or just come visit Vagina Dentwata whenever you find yourself hungry for a feminist analysis of horror films (and sometimes other stuff, too!)

Looking for a tasty brain snack right now? Enjoy these posts:

The Taking of Deborah Logan: Alzheimer’s, Posession, and Mother/Daughter Love

Deborah and Sarah

“The subject of this found footage film is uncommon within the genre: a mother, a daughter, and the sacrifices they make to save each other.”

Sinister — or as I like to call it, Don’t Move Your Family into a Murder House


“The filmmakers want us to like a guy who’s more afraid of losing his status than losing his entire family’s sense of safety in their own home.”

Why this Bitch Loves the B—-

Chloe and June happy friendship

“Don’t Trust the B— showcases a twisted yet surprisingly heartwarming female friendship that is fundamentally predicated on respect, and this mutual respect leads to personal growth for both women.”

See you soon <3

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