‘Mockingbird’: A Unique Approach to Horror but a Trite Approach to Gender


Unlike every other person who saw this movie, I think Mockingbird is a brilliant found footage horror film experiment. (Okay, there’s one other guy who likes it, but most reviewers really really don’t.) Mockingbird takes a unique approach to horror film structure and tone, and it builds to an unforgettable climax. Unfortunately, its approach to representations of gender is totally forgettable and anything but unique.

***The majority of this post is spoiler free; I’ll give you a clear warning when I’m about to discuss the ending all the reviewers hate so much.***

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‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’: Alzheimer’s, Possession, and Mother/Daughter Love

Evil Lives Within You, But Your Daughter Lives With You And She Will Kick Evil's Ass

Evil Lives Within You, But Your Daughter Lives With You And She Will Kick Evil’s Ass

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a story about the horror of evil afflicting a deteriorating mind, but it’s also a tale of the strength of a mother and daughter’s love. Deborah is driven by female characters, and while not a perfect film, it serves up the scares and aces the Bechdel test. Continue reading

Sinister – or as I prefer to call it: Don’t Move Your Family into a Murder House


“What if I don’t tell my wife it’s a murder house? Then it’s cool, right?”

Sinister is a film in which the viewer is expected to root for a man whose personal dreams trump his entire family’s sense of safety in their own home – which is fucked up and frustrating and detracts from a film with some incredibly freaky moments. Continue reading