‘At the Devil’s Door’: There’s More Than One Way to Mother a Demon

At-the-Devils-DoorMany reviewers of At the Devil’s Door compare it to Rosemary’s Baby, and rightfully so: both films are masterpieces of pregnancy terror and the horror of unholy motherhood. But the women in these two stories have vastly different experiences accepting their roles as mothers of demonic spawn. Continue reading

‘American Mary’: In Praise of the Amoral Final Girl

Screenshot_2014-12-27-21-41-54-1 Directed by the Soska sisters, American Mary features a complicated female protagonist who starts out as a likable badass but ends up as an amoral psycho. The film celebrates the power of bodily autonomy and depicts the horror of taking it away.

Trigger Warning: American Mary is a rape/revenge film and this essay discusses sexual violence.

This post is Spoiler Free! I want you to see this movie. (If you can stomach it.) Continue reading

‘Mr. Jones’: Beautiful Nightmares and Bothersome Storytelling


ESCAPE YOUR NIGHTMARES — unless your nightmares are about confusing movies, in which case ENTER YOUR NIGHTMARES

Lest you think I fall in love with every found footage film I see, I offer you my review of Mr. Jones — a film which takes fascinating approaches to its mythology, camerawork, and representations of gender, then smashes them on the ground into a boring, convoluted mess. Continue reading

‘Mockingbird’: A Unique Approach to Horror but a Trite Approach to Gender


Unlike every other person who saw this movie, I think Mockingbird is a brilliant found footage horror film experiment. (Okay, there’s one other guy who likes it, but most reviewers really really don’t.) Mockingbird takes a unique approach to horror film structure and tone, and it builds to an unforgettable climax. Unfortunately, its approach to representations of gender is totally forgettable and anything but unique.

***The majority of this post is spoiler free; I’ll give you a clear warning when I’m about to discuss the ending all the reviewers hate so much.***

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