‘Mr. Jones’: Beautiful Nightmares and Bothersome Storytelling


ESCAPE YOUR NIGHTMARES — unless your nightmares are about confusing movies, in which case ENTER YOUR NIGHTMARES

Lest you think I fall in love with every found footage film I see, I offer you my review of Mr. Jones — a film which takes fascinating approaches to its mythology, camerawork, and representations of gender, then smashes them on the ground into a boring, convoluted mess. Continue reading

‘Mockingbird’: A Unique Approach to Horror but a Trite Approach to Gender


Unlike every other person who saw this movie, I think Mockingbird is a brilliant found footage horror film experiment. (Okay, there’s one other guy who likes it, but most reviewers really really don’t.)¬†Mockingbird¬†takes a unique approach to horror film structure and tone, and it builds to an unforgettable climax. Unfortunately, its¬†approach to representations of gender is totally forgettable and anything but unique.

***The majority of this post is spoiler free; I’ll give you a clear warning when I’m about to discuss the ending all the reviewers hate so much.***

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